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        Health Requirements

A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection ("CVI" or "Health Cert") is required upon arrival for admission to the show barn.  During Check-in, a brief veterinary exam of each alpaca that all alpacas in the show and barn facilities are in good health.  Any alpaca that does not pass veterinary inspection (showing signs of illness or parasites) will be placed in quarantine stalls outside of the barn area.


Make Check-In easy by having a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection completed by a licensed veterinarian within 30 days of March 6, 2016 (including any alpaca entering the barns, even if not entered in the show).

4 items must be listed on the CVI:

  • Alpaca's registered name
  • ARI#
  • Microchip#
  • Documentation of Negative BVDV PCR test and result date noted by your vet, either on the CVI or lab certificate.

Please bring a copy of your CVI--we will keep the copy.

Please make sure you have every alpaca--even companions, or those in transit--listed on the CVI.

Microchips: Alpacas will be identified by microchip during Vet Check. Any alpacas found to not be microchipped will need to have one inserted by the show vet at owner's expense, with numbers re-recorded by show management.


Questions: For questions regarding Health Requirements, Contact Us, or email Cathy Oyster, Show


See the ARF (Alpaca Research Foundation) website for more information on BVDV in camelids.

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